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Call for an Association for the Advancement of Legal Product

By a “legal product” we mean an online consumer-facing digital application (software), for sale or free, that substitutes for the work of an attorney. A legal product offers a legal solution to a legal problem through software and automated processes. A key difference between a product and a service is that a product can be produced and distributed at scale, while services are delivered on a one to one basis There are software applications that automate a law firm’s internal work processes that are supported by other organizations that are not the focus of this proposed organization. There is a need for a focused organization for digital applications that offer online legal solutions d

Referee Rules Against Florida Bar in UPL Action Against TIKD Services

TIKD is a start-up based in Coral Gables, Florida created by Christopher Riley, not a member of the Florida Bar, which provides a technology platform and financial guarantee for drivers who have received a traffic ticket. The Service is offered in four Florida counties and in four other states. The Florida Bar sued TIKD to put it out of business under the theory that the service constituted "the unauthorized practice of law." How It Works A person who has received a traffic ticket can request TIKD's services by uploading a picture of the ticket and creating an account. TIKD then performs an internal analysis, powered by a software algorithm on the uploaded ticket, before agreeing to provide