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The Legal Document Preparation Industry

See Presentation on this topic here. The legal document preparation industry has been around since the early 1990's and has remained essentially the same, except a significant portion has moved online. It is a fast growing industry. What is the "legal document preparation industry"? The industry is composed of non-lawyers who assist consumers and small business in preparing legal forms, but without providing any legal advice or doing any custom drafting. The "Scrivener Exception" to Unauthorized Practice of Law. Legal document preparation by non-lawyers is not considered to be the "practice of law" as it falls within the “scrivener exception” to the definition of the practice of law in almos

A Digital Flywheel for Solos and Small Law Firms: A Cautionary Tale

In 2009, I started a company called DirectLaw.com, that provided client-centered technologies to solos and small law firms. Full Disclosure: the company still exists today but I sold my interest in 2017. At about the same time other other cloud-based practice management companies started up, such as Clio, RocketMatter, and MyCase that targeted the automation of the back-office operations of the law firms such as matter and client management, calendaring, timekeeping, invoicing, and accounting. Many of these companies evolved and are successful today by several different measures.. DirectLaw was created to provide client-facing technologies that would complement these back-office application