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"ARAG USA wanted to lower costs by providing a range of legal information and interactive forms and documents to our insured customer base, our requirements and their successful deployment demonstrated how critical it is to select the right technology, and a provider who has proven skill set within the legal services sector; Richard Granat provided the technology platforms and his unrivalled knowledge base made this possible for us.

Michael A. Retherford, Senior Vice President, ARAG Insurance

We found Richard Granat exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable which ensured our developers always had the necessary support to integrate technology into our e-commerce platform. The functionality offered supports our model of re-engineering processes and has helped our efforts to streamline the way we interact with our broker network.

Chris Mower, Royal & SunAlliance, Professional & Financial Risks Manager, eBusiness Solutions


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The focus of my work is "productized legal services" - the conversion of legal services into legal products.
We help law firms and other alternative legal institutions deliver legal solutions to consumers at a price they can afford.


Automated Legal Services

We advise on ways to automate the delivery of online legal services. Our goal is to help you offer a legal service that is like a "law product" but still retains the charator of a legal service.


The Law Product Makers  Blog

We publish the Law Product Makers Blog for lawyers and others who are interested in converting legal services into law products --  a process which is often called the productization of legal services.

Law Products

We develop law products for our own account and help lawyers develop new streams of revenue for their law firms by converting legal services into law products.

Need help in launching a law product? Call me today and see what I can do for you.

Richard Granat - Reinvent Law NYC 2014

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The Law Product Makers Blog.