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Business Plan Evaluation

We do business plan evaluations for law product companies and law firms seeking to create new streams of revenue.

Due Diligence Services:
We provide due diligence services
to investors in law product start-ups.

Mentoring Service: Productized Legal Service

We provide a law product mentoring service to private companies.  Our law product mentoring service is performance-based so, that in the early stages of development, you can conserve capital. Our goal is to enter into a strategic partnership over a longer period of time to steer you in the direction of success.

Business Plan Evaluations and Due Diligence Services

 Private Companies

Business Plan Evaluation

We provide business plan evaluations for law product companies and law firms seeking to create new forms of revenue. We charge a fixed fee for this service.


Due Diligence Services


We provide due diligence services to venture capital and private equity firms seeking to invest in companies developing law products and related services.

Our focus is on law product companies seeking to serve consumers and small businesses, as this is our area of expertise.  We can help you assess the size of the addressable market, market competition, technology platform, and management's capacity to execute.


My work for venture capital, private equity, and law firms is based on hourly fees. However, I am an advocate of predictable pricing.  I am open to discussing arrangements that include fixed fees.

Law Product Mentoring Service

Law Firms and Private Companies

Mentoring and Coaching Services


Every year, we select one or private companies to help them develop and sell law products.

Our priorities are companies that want to provide products to individuals, families, or small businesses. This is our target market.

It takes many months to conceive of, launch, and refine a law product so

that it is a money maker. It is not an overnight process.

We provide continuous mentoring services from inception to launch

and after launch to provide course correction advice.

Here is a short-list of the issues covered by our Law Product Mentoring Service:

  • Idea Generation

  • Product Selection

  • Market Analysis

  • Design Recommendations

  • Advice on Tech Stack

  • Manufacturing Advice including Tech Tool Selection

  • Pricing Strategy

  • eCommerce Platform

  • Marketing Approaches and Distribution

  • Website Design

  • Investment Strategy

  • Ethical and Regulation Issues

  • Implementation

  • Course Correction Advice

Our Service is a comprehensive and continuous service during the life of the product.


We do not charge an hourly fee for our services. Instead, we seek strategic partnerships whereby our compensation is based on the performance of your law product or automated legal service.

Initial Consultation

There is no charge for an initial consultation where we discuss your proposed project and its feasibility. Normally, we will enter into an NDA during this discussion period. This initial discussion leads to the negotiation of a long-term agreement that secures our services.


Performance Fees Based on a Percentage of Gross Revenues.

Going forward, we negotiate a fee based on a percentage of gross sales for a fixed period of time.  Because it takes time for a product to be accepted by the marketplace, we defer our compensation until you get results.

Our fee is separately negotiated for each deal. Our fee depends on the size of your organization, financial resources committed, technical resources available, and other factors that, in our opinion, will increase the probability of your success.

By linking our compensation to your success, our payment is based on your success in the marketplace.


If you are not satisfied with our services, you can terminate this arrangement at any time.

We reserve the right to terminate our contract with you at any time.


You can terminate our contract if you decide not to offer the planned law product. If you terminate, you cannot offer the law product for a two-year period of time through your organization or any affiliates.

The advantage of this approach is that you reduce the amount of capital needed to launch your product as you avoid paying thousands of dollars in consulting fees.

For more information or to discuss your project, contact us.


Legal Aid, Pro Bono, and Nonprofit Organizations

We provide our mentoring services at no charge to these organizations.


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