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LawMediaLabs, Inc.

LawMediaLabs, Inc., is my holding company for a number of projects that generate streams of royalities in consideration for past and present work. LawMediaLabs also invests in a select number of legal technology start-ups.


JusticeXpress is an online legal forms store. These forms are distributed as fillable PDFs and also in a paper format that is shipped to the customer after the sale.

LawMediaLabs has a partnership with TOPS products whereby we provide more than 35 legal products that are sold through thousands of Office Depot and Staples retail outlets under the Adams brand. LawMediaLabs provides the content for royalty and TOPS provides the packaging, printing, and branding.

LawMediaLabs developed and operates this interactive estate planning website that offers estate planning documents for the benefit of a group of employees served by MetLife. This site reaches more than 1,000,000 users.

DirectLaw, Inc., is a company that I founded in 2009 to provide a virtual law firm platform to solos and small to enable them to offer online legal services. The company provides these firms with a secure client portal and an embedded document automation solution plus a library of state-specific automated documents. In the interest of full disclosure, I sold my interest in this company in 2017, but remain an advisor. I also receive payments from this company as a result of the purchase until 2022.

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