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California Bar Journal, Embarking on a Virtual Odyssey, Ultimately to Save Money

December, 2009 by Diane Curtis

"Richard Granat believes that attorneys who lag behind in using technology are denying themselves access to what he calls “a large latent market” worth billions of dollars of middle-income clients who can’t afford the high hourly rates of many law firms. That group, he says, head to the Internet first for business resources and are looking for alternatives to current legal billing practices. Eighty percent of Americans don’t even have a will, he says, a hint that the broad middle class might improve that statistic if lawyers made it easier and cheaper to get one."

American Bar Association Journal, OnLine Office Makers: Helping Others Create Virtual Practices

October, 2009

"The concept appeals to firms that want to position themselves to capture a generation coming up that will only want to deal with lawyers over the Internet," Richard Granat says, " For the general practice law firm in areas like family law these concepts will mainstream."

November, 2009

One of the biggest drawbacks to an online will is that a professional hasn't reviewed the documents, says Granat. If that worries you, hire an attorney to review what you have done online. He should be current on any new laws in your state.

However, a law could have changed without the online site updating its information. It's also possible that the online form you choose may not be the right one for your situation.

"You are buying something without a warranty, as is," says Granat. "If there's something wrong with it, even with one small mistake, you're taking a risk. But if a lawyer drafts the will, he stands behind his documents."

Innovation in Technology Conference - New Orleans, January 9-12, 2018

Innovations in Legal Tehnology

January 11, 2018, New Orleans, LA, 3:30 - 4:45

Richard Granat is moderating a Panel on the concept of  legal checkup applications. Title: Legal Check-Up Applications - Helping Parties Find the Right Path to Solve Their Problems.

Better Access Through UnBundling

October 25-27, 2017

Richard Granat moderated a Panel on Technology and UnBundling Legal Services - a path towards access to justice.

Presentation: The Legal Services Market (PPT)

Conference Materials

Better Access ThroughUnbundlng

ABA Journal Article

May, 2017

Richard Granat published an article in the American Bar Association Journal on Virtual Lawyering

"Delivering legal services online is the path toward streamlining a law practice, increasing productivity and lowering costs to serve clients more effectively. As more web-based applications are created that substitute for the work of a lawyer, the client portal becomes the essential component in the lawyer’s toolbox for delivering legal services. In the fullness of time, all clients will expect their lawyers to work and interact with them securely online. Virtual law practice will not be something only for early adopters. It will become an essential component of every law firm practice."

Amerian Bar Association

October 25-27, 2017

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